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We know that over time there have been countless hours of hard work and effort that have gone into a Model Railroad. Certainly, we will consider reviewing the layout to determine if the system is salvageable in terms of operating conditions. Older DC systems with larger switch machines or un-insulated switches may not be in operating condition. Moreover, older electrical wiring may have lost insulation which poses as a fire hazard.

Another element in consideration of layouts is construction. Modular girder style construction can be particularly challenging in movement where as tabletop designs provide much more rigidity. Nevertheless, removals of systems are time consuming and labor intensive. That is, however, not to say that we cannot remove a piece that has taken years to build.

The best way to begin the process is by contacting us. Our staff has extensive knowledge in the removal, and disassembly of modular and non-modular designs. We can also provide references for clients we have sold or moved systems for in the past.

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