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ready to run toy trainsFrom young to old age cannot relinquish the emotions one has as they hear the sound of an oncoming locomotive. With today’s technology the thrill of capturing the sound of a locomotive has been digitally recorded for realistic operating experiences by the MTH Corporation. From marker, cab and directional lighting to authentic running sounds, ready-to-run train sets are sure to bring any model railroad alive. The best part, operating systems are as easy as using a remote control for those younger model railroaders.

train freight carsCars of almost any style ever used on a railroad are manufactured as ready-to-run (RTR) or sold as kits. Many cars feature eras of railroading that may be important to your model railroad. For example, you may want to model early 1940 coal services on the East Coast. There are several types of cars that can be purchase to fit the era (time period) by load and/or by specific railroad.

model railroad buildingsBuildings located along railroads dotted the country sides, small towns and cities to create an effect of your railroad being alive. Buildings are available in a variety of scales and can either be custom assembled and painted or purchased as built-up structures. Many buildings feature high quality details and easy construction for years of enjoyment.

model train sceneryCreating the scenery for you model railroad can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of the hobby. You can choose from any of the four seasons at your own taste to incorporate those elements suited to your needs. From a busy brook with fisherman to fall trees shedding their leaves in the county courtyard, scenery depicts the deepest imagination for realistic operations.

Scenery is an applied technique that is not difficult to master. With a variety of scenic techniques and products, you will find methods and techniques to be easy and fun to do with our on-line clinics.

model train bridges and trussesBridges and trestles attribute to the tenacity of railroads in completing lines over the harshest terrains.

These structures bring dramatic features to operations like nothing else can while offering stunning appearances over rivers, stream or cliffs.

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