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Let’s face it, change is always inevitable. Relocating to another home is hard enough without the thought of having to remove a model railroad. Given the incredible amount of time and financing put into creating any system, the thought of dismantling it can be overwhelming.

Our services are designed to ease concerns associated with moving a model railroad. Services are available coast-to-coast and in all scales. Whether the system was built modular or non-modular our services safely relocate systems in a relatively short period of time.

model railroad relocation service Every model railroad has a rich history in making memories. Our services minimize concerns and keep those memories intact. We begin our by determining the construction and operation of your model railroad. Once a plan has been established to remove the system each section is carefully logged, removed, tagged and packaged for transport to its new location to be reassembled. It’s at this time that updates regarding wiring, operations and/or scenery can be made.


This photo shows a three day removal of a twenty-two year old 24'x24' analog (or DC) system being removed into 14 sections.

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