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Model Railroad Bead Blasting Services

The American Eagle Rail Group consistently provides our clients with the highest quality model railroad bead blasting services that will surely keep all your metal, steel or aluminum locomotives, rolling stock, track or accessories looking sparkle new again.

Our glass bead mediums create a softer, brighter finish than angular abrasives. In addition, glass beads offer a silica-free option for shot blasting, peening, honing, cleaning and light deburring. Glass Beads can be recycled up to 30 times.

Our model railroad sandblasting services include:

  • Metal Finishing
  • Paint Removal
  • Rust Removal
  • Painting
  • Stripping

model train bead blasing serviceThe value of any particular piece depends on how collectable and/or desirable it is. Let’s take for example an original early post-war train set that has been passed down for generations. Consisting of essentially all metal, pieces are subject to corrosion over the course years. Although the considered to be far less valued with corrosion or rust, die cast shells, track and accessories can be restored to original condition. An example to this is shown to the left. This locomotive has three decades of use. The all metal boiler and tender frame show moderate paint loss. However, both are phyiscally intact for restoration.

Let’s assume you own a LIONEL train set with three dozen parts and/or accessories and a Marx train set with the same amount of parts or accessories to restore. Although these two sets are not the same we use this to compare “personal” value. Let’s say that these two train sets have the same rust, dents for each piece, same availability and time to find each part. In addition, let’s say it takes the same time to fully restore each piece right down to the minute! The value of the LIONEL set is worth $650 cash and the Marx is worth $325. Regardless if it took the same investment to restore either piece we would still have a “personal” value difference. Supply and demand will always set values that cannot be changed. Furthermore, you (our customer)will dictate the investment value/return by what piece he and/or she loves by “personal” considerations.

model train restoration cincinnati oh

We are often asked if we can Ball Park or Estimate the cost to build a project? There are many questions that need answering on a project such as the following:

  • How much corrosion and/or rust spots does your piece or project have?
  • How many parts are need to be repaired and/or replaced ?
  • How much time will it take to clean and primer each part ?
  • If reproduction parts are available how much work will they take to satisfy our quality requirements ?
  • How long will it take to build or fabricate those parts that are not available?

model train repair service Once the project/pieces have been disassembled and stripped of all paint we will draw up a comprehensive project plan in keeping with the customers’ desires of restoring and /or repair. Because of the unique age of particular pieces and unknown factors we factor billing services by “time on task.” We always seek client approval with respect to any changes from original equipment. Keep in mind, we encourage all of our clients to get at least three (3) quotations regarding professional paint and/or lettering.

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