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Our new product concept originated just a few hundred yards from our shop and involves amodel railroad construction commonly used structure designed to service and maintain locomotives across the country. Our Multi-Purpose Locomotive Inspection Pit is designed for a various service applications. This laser cut locomotive pit operates on either DC (Analog) or DCC (Digital Command Control) applications. Our scaled 75 foot space saving design enables modelers the abilities to maintain realistic operations of their model railroads while safely inspecting, programming or repairing their locomotives or equipment.

loco pitsTraditional maintenance of model rail power required that the locomotive be removed from the layout for service. In addition, DCC programming also requires that a locomotive be isolated on a separate track. However, the A.E.R. Group Locomotive Pit provides a realistic serving application anywhere on your layout. Designed for any operating era, the A.E.R. Multi-Purpose Locomotive Inspection Pit features lift out rail bases for installation of test rollers. Our patent pending precision manufactured test rollers offer sealed ball bearings and isolated frame designs to enable your locomotive to perform at break in or full throttle speeds in a stationary position. Available in a standard two truck four axle application, locomotives gather signal through an innovative rail base design providing endless opportunities of maintenance or performance reviews; all in a stationary position. Once repairs or programming has been completed, simply remove the test rollers and install the rail base. Your locomotive is ready to roll out for active duty.

The A.E.R. Group Multi-Purpose Locomotive Inspection Pit includes everything needed to bring round houseyour locomotive engine facility alive.

More importantly, our product makes scheduled maintenance of your motor power more realistic in promoting the longevity of prized equipment. Best of all, seeing, hearing or smelling your locomotive with the throttle wide open in a stationary position is as an exhilarating as seeing it running down the mainline; without having to move an inch.

Have a larger six or eight wheel locomotive that needs servicing? We also offer additional rollers to meet the needs of an articulated Class “Y” or Big Boy locomotive. We offer additional rollers for your larger axle locomotive needs that can be found in our on-line store. Click on our Locomotive Pits for addition information and accessories. Be sure to check our our instructional video as well regarding the installation or operating features.


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