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Welcome to the American Eagle Rail Groups E-newsletter. We hope that you are finding our new website helpful, and easy to use. We are currently planning a series of ‘how-to' clinics that will be posted each month on our site. The first ones will be on scenery application ranging from basic scenery, to building mountains using Hydrocal castings and Structolite to create cliffs, applying color to the stone, and using various ground covers to complete the scene.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our own product line. We now have several products available for use on your model railroad. The first is our HO scale multi-purpose inspection pit. The kit begins with a 75 foot laser cut wood inspection pit. The pit is designed with removable rail base to enable the installation and removal of rollers. The kit includes lights for the pit itself and is available with either 4 or 6 rollers depending upon the type of locomotive. You can see the completed inspection and accompanying video by visiting our store.

We have also released 2 new poured concrete tunnel portals, 1 single track, and 1 double track. They feature well defined wood form detail, and are available in either unfinished Hydrocal, or painted and weathered. Again, you can see these portals by going to our store.

Next is our new pedestrian tunnel, based on a prototype used on the Pennsylvania railroad in Cincinnati, Ohio. The kit is laser cut wood, and includes either a 5 inch (single track) or 8 inch (double track) tunnel, 2 tunnel portals, 4 wing walls, 4 corner columns, and 4 sections of wall. Additional wall sections are also available. This kit is currently available in HO, with N and O- gauge models soon to follow. The assembled kit can be seen by going to our store.

We are also bringing back to the market several laser cut wood kits from Mountaineer Precision Products. These kits will include The Rabbit Hash General Store, The Sugar Shack Maple Syrup Barn, Langdon Mill Elevator, and The Universal building; a typical railroad storage shed. As time progresses we plan to introduce more of these laser cut structures. In addition, we have the ability to produce custom kits for your model railroad. This means that if you have good photos, or drawings, of a specific building that you want for your layout, we could produce it for you. Contact us at the American Eagle Rail Group for more details.

We are always open to suggestions for new detail parts, structures, etc., that would benefit the model railroad community. If you have an idea, send us an E-mail, and we'll see what we can do.

The next item on the horizon is an assembled swing gate hardware kit for any custom model railroad. You can see photos of our prototype in our photo gallery.

We at the American Eagle Rail Group would like to thank you for choosing us. We will keep you updated on new products and services in our future newsletters, as well as on our current model builds. We look forward to continuing to serve the model railroad community, and hope that if you are thinking of building a new model railroad, that you will consider us.

Thanks again!

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