Can you design a track plan for my space?

Absolutely! In fact, we can design your model train system to fit into any room or onto any surface or ceiling you would like to have a train. We can certainly discus what design parameters you need for both your layout and space. To get started, we ask that you take a moment to complete our online questionnaire. This electronic document enables us to get a better understanding of your needs as it pertains to space, era, scenery, wiring etc.

Can you build the bench and track work and I do the rest?

We have a lot of our clients ask this question and the answer is always, “YES.” We know for a fact that there are a lot of talented model railroaders out there. This is why we offer our clients five levels of services to match their specific needs. Sure, we’d like to do all of the work including the scenery, wiring, trees etc. However, many of our clients just need jump start to get them on their way. Our on-line video clinics will also provide you with skills in building scenery or adding other items to bring your layout alive.
Do you build modular or in sections if I should need to move the layout later?

Yes, we build all of our systems in an “L” Girder style frame style with either open grid or table top style surfaces. All of our systems are bolted together for easy removal and all of our tables feature our “Plug-N-Run” wiring systems. This system allows you to simply pull the plug for each module, fold up the legs and your module is ready to be moved.

Will you build from my track plan or published plan?

Your dreams and our talent! You can provide us your track plan or a track plan you’ve seen in a track plan book from publications such as Model Railroader Magazine or Model Railroad Craftsman. In addition, the Atlas Corporation offers plans that can be viewed in our Track Plan Gallery. However, we want to ensure that the design you have will fit the space you have us to build for.

Can I get a wall or shelf layout?

We have the ability to provide you plenty of isle room for you family or hobby room. If you are looking for space in a bedroom, family room or business, we can even suspend your train from the ceiling if needed.

What model train scales are available?

We typically like to stay within the realms of N, HO, S and O Scale model railroads. These are systems that we are familiar with and have resources for building. However, should you need to have an outdoor LGB or G scale system; we have staff that we can consult in designing a layout to your needs.

What is the length of construction?

This is also a good question that is answered with respects to quality. Should you need only bench and track work the length of the job is typically three to six weeks. However, should you want more complexity in your design (e.g. animation, scenery, structures, custom wiring etc.) the process will take several months. However, most of our layouts can be completed with four to six months depending on factors such as size, budget and details.

Do you offer pre-designed layouts?

We have several pre-designed layouts that our staff have created. These layouts can be seen in our Track Plan Gallery in addition to a number of Atlas track plans. In addition to these track plans we also offer “ready-to-run” trains sets for even the youngest of model railroaders. These five piece systems offer Digital Command Control (DCC) functions and uni-body track design with plastic roadbed base and removable Code 83 track. Modelers can begin utilizing snap track style track designed to run on any surface and then progress into a more permanent layout. These systems are ideal for parents or grandparents wanting to get their children involved in model railroading.

Can you build modular sections or dioramas?

If you are looking for an interchange with a switching yard for industry we can design very simple yet highly detailed point-to-point layouts. These systems give you the full affect of operating a local delivering either light (LP Gas or Commercial) to or heavy industry (coal or steel mills). With DCC, your options are endless in terms of operating one or more locomotives in a session.

Do you offer on-site construction of layouts?

There is nothing better than to be on-site with a client building their layout together. This enables our staff to allow hands-on practical experience in scenery application and trouble shooting. This also enables both parties to move at a pace for both parties to complete the project.

Should I Operate in DC or DCC?

We recommend DCC as it truly brings your layout to life in many aspects other than locomotive applications. In addition, when you factor in the materials associated with DC Analog and functionality, the move to DCC far out weighs the options associate with other types of construction (e.g. brass). However, many of our clients to prefer to remain DC (Analog) as their road power is older or their operating budgets are that of what can be allocated in build a larger layout. However, please keep in mind that should you be considering converting from DC to DCC it is much more cost effective to make the move before you reconsider. Additionally, because nickel silver is a better conductive metal, the electricity provided to your locomotives or electrified cars is better than brass (e.g. light and sound is much better)

What is the cost difference in brass v/s nickel?

As previously mentioned, the nickel silver is a better conductive metal that also resists oxidization. Aside conductivity, the overall functionality of equipment is far more superior than brass. However, clients can tell you, no railroad is any better than one that’s cleaned routinely.

We can still build you a layout in brass and make it just as nice as if you had nickel. It is your budget and your equipment, we are but extensions or your talents in making your layout come to life.

Do we sell or buy used layouts?

We have sold other clients layouts for them at very reasonable pricing. We can, and have, salvaged very large systems for clients

Can we move or disassemble a layout?

We do provide model railroad removal and relocation services of all scales and sizes. The work in moving a larger system is very close to that of modifying an existing layout in terms of labor. We lazar many of our cuts and provide reinforcement to areas being halved for movement. The process is very lengthy and typically requires several of our staff. Our largest move was of a 38 year old layout that measured 24’x24’ in fourteen modular sections with over eight scale miles of wiring. The removal took over thirty-six hours to complete.

Can you deliver and set up?

We offer in-home delivery and set up of your layout to ensure you are familiar in the operation of your railroad. Our modular construction enables our staff to install your layout in several hours. With our Plug-N-Run© wiring, your tables are pre-wired and ready for connection when your system arrives. Within minutes of assembly, our staff can have you running trains anywhere on your layout.

What about buildings, animation and scenery?

We can provide you a quality layout with detailed structures with internal wiring to deciduous trees lining your main. If you are looking for quality buildings, streets and landscapes we are capable of delivering. We may not be a larger firm with several staff members. However, we are talented professionals that pass the overhead savings onto our clients. From interactive working mine shafts to carrousels in the city courtyard, we are able to provide you with the level of detail with a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

What’s the easiest way to get started?

The best way for both parties to get started is by getting as much information as possible about you and your railroad. By clicking our Custom Model Railroad Questionnaire we can begin putting together what you are looking for in terms of designs and operations. We want to ensure that you are getting the product to support the operations that you wish to model along with the equipment you wish to operate.

Do you build for private individuals or for businesses?

Our design team can create model railroad systems for any venue. From suspended ceiling layouts for restaurants to commercial holiday or special event needs for either indoor or outdoor viewing. We can build in any scale or size to meet your needs.

Can you build custom cabinets for storage or display?

Yes, we offer custom furniture services to provide storage or display of your model railroad accessories. Our custom cabinetry offers quality furniture appearance featuring pocket doors for storage, glass or wooden shelving and custom accent moldings and accessories to match your décor. From finished coffee tables to storage cabinets or shelf layouts, our company can design furniture to meet any discerning taste.

Call our office today at 859-577-5007 and lets get started!

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